My training philosophy

My training focuses on bespoke exercise and nutrition programmes specific to your life and goals. Whether you’re trying to:

  • Reduce Body Fat
  • Build or maintain muscle mass
  • Improve cardiovascular performance
  • Train for a specific event
  • Improve quality of life

We’ll be there at every step you take towards achieving your goals and move the sentence further up.



Increase of muscular strength


Bodyweight and resistance training can increase muscular strength, not only is muscular strength improved but bone and ligament strength also. Strength plays a functional role in everyday life and is important in the prevention of injuries.

Flexibility of the body


Through effective range of movement and mobility exercises overall flexibility can be improved. Myofascial release and mobility exercises with the help of resistance bands and foam rollers, amongst others, can help aid with injury rehabilitation and prevention aswell as provide overall strength gains in the long term.

Overall improved health


Effective training can improve your respiratory and circulatory systems, this can have a positive affect on preventing illnesses and dieseses within your body. Body fat can also be burned, which can improve your mental state and, again, lower the chance of illness and dieseses.



I began bodybuilding at the age of 41, on a dare from one of my gym buddies. My body became sculpted, hard and vascular. When I stepped out on stage for the first time, I was competing with 13 other guys that were half my age and I won the Novice class!
Tom Priston
I’ve trained at many gyms. The place inspires potential and gets results. What’s helped my progress rapidly is the wealth of knowledge in the gym, amongst staff and other fellow members. It feels great to train in a friendly environment, amongst champions.
Sam Kromstain