1:1 Access To Me


You will work directly with me. I have spent the last 9 years studying the human body. I have a wealth of scientific and practical experience, which combined will ensure you get the best possible results, in the shortest time possible.




You Save Money


Not only do you get an outstanding level of service and programming throughout the coaching, you will save money when compared to working with a personal trainer 1:1 in a gym.






I have a Sports & Exercise Science Degree and 6 years of practical experience. I have taken everything I have learnt, and used it to create my online coaching program, which is far superior to a standard program you will get from a typical trainer in a commercial gym.






I am extremely passionate about what I do, I love transforming peoples’ lives daily. I have helped hundreds of clients to transform their bodies. Each client is unique to me, and you are more than just a number to fill my coaching spaces and to pay the bills. From the moment you sign up, to when you finish your journey, you will have my attention and support. For me, online training is all about helping you transform your life.






You are my business. Without you, I don’t have a job. I care about every client I work with. If I do a good job, I don’t need to advertise. I do not want repeat business, I aim for referral business. I want you to be walking around looking and feeling awesome for years so that people ask you how you did it.



Ongoing Support


Unlike 1:1 coaching, where you see your trainer once/twice a week, you will have access to me 7 days a week. This allows for daily: messaging, feedback, programme adjustment and motivation. Working with a trainer for 60 minutes a week can have little impact on your results. Working with me every day on your diet, training, mood, recovery & lifestyle will have a major impact on your results.




  • Weekly training overview breaking down sets, rest, time periods, advanced training strategies and mechanisms to optimise muscle hypertrophy.
  • Detailed breakdown of every workout, listing reps, tempo, rest periods, advanced training protocols and exercise execution tips.
  • Customised HIIT & Cardio workouts designed to maximise fat loss whilst eliminating muscle loss.
  • Training frequency, intensity, volume is all customised to suit your lifestyle and goals.
  • Manipulation of periodisation, training volume, reps, sets, rest, advanced training variables and frequency to ensure accelerated and consistent progress.
  • Biomechanically safe exercises which have been customised to your body & range of movement.
  • New customised workout plans every 8 weeks to keep your progress rapid and consistent and to avoid plateaus.

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